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sqcomp2From the East – April 2014

Greetings Brethren,

The Vernal Equinox was on March 20; the Red Sox first game is April 2nd in Baltimore, and Opening Day at Fenway Park is April 4th.  All well and good you say, but so what?   This means that spring has finally arrived despite the chill that is still in the air, we at least get to see more of the sun these days.   It’s all down-hill from here!!!

We enjoyed a good turnout at our last Stated and welcomed three visitors that evening. We voted favorably on one petition and read one other.  We also exemplified the Fellow-Craft Degree on March 26th.  With the other candidates we are currently working through the degrees we will be very busy in the coming months.  As I try to remind myself during tax season, it’s good to be busy!!!  Our Bikes for Books program is well under way under the stewardship of our Jr Deacon, Brother Trachtenberg.  He has arranged to purchase the bicycles at a substantial discount, directly from the manufacturer, and is negotiating a discount on the freight charges. Between his reduction in costs and our successful fund raising efforts, the program is continuing to enjoy great success.

We have reconstituted our Special Ladies Committee and have even recruited some members to serve on it. This an area that we have fallen short on in the past, but we will be making plans as to how we can remember and honor these Special Ladies in the coming months.  Details on how you can serve your Lodge in this effort will be forthcoming.

Another area that needs improving upon is communication with our Brothers.  As pointed out at our District Two (Second to None!!! ) Lodge of Instruction last year, it is important to keep in touch with all of our members on a regular basis.  Anyone who wishes to help out in this effort can let me know, and I will put you to work.

We will be having an officers meeting on Wednesday, April 30th at 7:00 pm on the fourth floor of the Masonic Temple.  All are welcome to attend.  If you wish to serve your Lodge in some capacity, this is the meeting for you. Remember, you only get out of something as much as you put into it.


Stephen K. Bahsler, Master
Cell phone: 603-759-8279
E-Mail to:

Coming Events

Grand Lodge

See Ancient York Lodge April 5th for Nashua event.

York  Rite

No Nashua events.

Scottish Rite

Thursday, April 3rd, Learning Ctr Bd of Governors, Meeting 7:00 – 8:30pm.

Rising Sun Lodge

Wednesday, April 16th   – Stated Communication, dinner 6:15 PM, meeting 7:30 PM (You better have filed your taxes by now!)

Wednesday, April 23rd – Fellow-Craft Degree, 7:00 PM – there will be no dinner but light refreshments will follow

Wednesday, April 30th – Officers meeting, all members are welcome.   7:00 PM, 4th floor.

Ancient York Lodge

Saturday, April 5th, 3rd Annual Evening of Masonic Light, 5:30 -10:00pm.

Tuesday, April 8th, Stated Communication, Dinner at 6:30pm, meeting at 7:30pm.

Wednesday, April 23rd, District 2 Masters Class, 8:00pm.

Bektash Shrine

Saturday, April 19th, Hobo Dinner, Social Hour 5:00pm, Dinner 6:00pm.

Saturday, April 26th, Comedy Night with The Bucky Lewis Show. Doors open 6:30pm,   Showtime 8:00pm, $25.00pp.


Thursday, April 3rd, Rainbow Pledge Meeting, 7:00pm.

Saturday, April 5th, Rainbow Pride Day.

Sunday, April 6th, Rainbow Sunday church service in honor of the start of Rainbow in 1922.

Wednesday, April 16th, Joint Meeting with  Derry Chapter in Derry.

Saturday, April 19th, Backwards Table Lodge-DADS Program at Portsmouth temple 5:00 – 7:00pm.

Eastern Star

Friday, April 11th to Sunday, April, 13th, NH OES Grand Chapter Ball weekend at the Town & Country Inn in Gorham, NH

Saturday, April 19th, OES Legislation Review Meeting, 10:00am in Penacook.

Friday, April 25th, Stated Communication 7:30pm.

Masonic Birthdays
for April 2014.
Happy Masonic Birthday
to the following Brethren.

Brother Years
David R. Crockett 67
Samuel J. Tobias 58
Keith   Vaskelionis 58
William R. Whitney 49
Ernest C. Hiscoe 44
Rollain E. Mercier 39
Raymond C. Powles III 23
Robert E. Pelletier 22
Wilfred G. Caouette 21
Ronald P. Moody 21
Douglas M. Barker 16
Andrew W. Maurey 16
Luther A. McCubrey 16
March O. McCubrey 16
Iouri M. Starosselski 16
Theodore F. Thompson 9
Thomas C. Rizzo 8
Richard W. Lowrance 7
Shawn M. Rafferty 7
Vasilios P. Zaharopoulos 7
Michael A. Demarco 5
Timothy R. Marotte 5
Gregory R. Bean 4
Jon A. Rhan 4
Joseph R. Hoebeke 3
Benjamin J. Langlois 3
David M. Denehy 2

I wish each of the above Brethren a
very happy Masonic Birthday, and
invite them to join us at Lodge this
month, so that I may personally
extend my hand and best wishes.

Stephen K Bahsler, W.M.
Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M. Secretary,
(603) 821-5196 a.m.


In his message for March our Worshipful Master reminded us of the well-known fact that 5% of the people make things happen, 10% watch things happen and 85% ask, “What happened?” Without quibbling over a few percentage points one way or the other, we can all agree that Worshipful’s delineation of  three types of people as Makers, Watchers and Askers is an accurate characterization of human nature in general and our lodge’s membership in particular. We all seek to subdue our passions and improve ourselves but it is a mistake to think we can change human nature. Rather we should be looking at the numbers and determining how we can make them work to our advantage. Obviously, we need to grow our membership so that the small percentage of Makers becomes a larger number due to our increase in total membership.

How are we perceived by those who don’t know us? Are we a social club, a fraternity or a “secret society?” There is a mystique about Freemasonry. It is attractive to those who are curious about us and might even join just to satisfy their curiosity. Unfortunately, some may be disappointed to learn that our secrets are not all that deep and dark. However, there are things about us that we should share with others and we can accomplish this by becoming a more visible presence in the community. If we are seen to be doing things that benefit more worthy causes Masonic membership becomes an attractive choice for those wanting to affiliate with a worthwhile civic organization. In other words, some thirsty horses who will drink when led to water, willing participants in Lodge activities.


This new feature, inserted by popular demand, will attempt to list our Lodge’s events for this calendar year beyond the current month so that brethren can plan ahead. In some cases dates and times may only be approximate. For more exact information please refer to the monthly Trestleboard ‘Coming Events column.

Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

Wednesday, June 24 – Stated Communication and Hiatus Family Dinner

Thursday, July17 to Sunday, July 20 – Nova Scotia Trip.


  1. “You may need to say goodbye to the person you are if you are to become the person you want to be.”
  2. “The past is a nice place to visit, but you don’t want to live there.”
  3. “Childhood doesn’t last, but what is learned does. Often for a lifetime.”
  4. “Few people are as kind as they think they are, and none are as kind as they could be.”
  5. “When it comes to fulfilling our potential, we are all underachievers. Never pass up an opportunity to make a new friend or explore a new friendship. You never know where it might lead.”
  6. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, there will be peace.”
Nova Scotia
We will be leaving for John Albro Lodge #122 in Nova Scotia on July 17th and returning on July 20th.On Saturday the 19th we will perform two Scottish Rite public plays. Come join us! Click here for more information!
Need a Ride?
It’s nicer when you’re there. Need a lift to Lodge? Give the Master or Secretary a call. We’ll get you a ride. Call Steve at 603-759-8279 or the temple at 603-821-5196.