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sqcomp2From the East – May 2014

Hello Brethren,

Last night we had the honor of welcoming a new Brother into our ranks when we conferred the Entered Apprentice upon Kenneth Steinberg, son of Brother Herb Steinberg.  I know there are several of us who have enjoyed the privilege being able to call our fathers, and for some even grandfathers, both Brother and friend. We will continue to be busy as we have a number of candidates working their way through the degrees.

We have a number of activities planned for the coming months, as you can see in our schedule of events.  Our next rubbish pick-up along route 102 in Hudson will take place Sat, May 3. We will meet for breakfast at Cookie’s Chuck Wagon in Hudson at 7:30 am, and assemble at Alvirne High School around 8:30 am. Remember many hands make work light. We need your help.

Our Bikes for Books program is well under way and we will be presenting the bicycles at the first two schools on Tuesday May 6 at assemblies to be held in the morning.  It really is fun to be part of this experience and see the excitement on the winners faces as they receive their bikes. You are all welcome to attend.  It would be nice if the Lodge had a good turnout at the assemblies. For further information you can contact myself or Brother Trachtenberg.

We are planning our tenth annual visit to our Brothers in Nova Scotia for July 17 -20. We are not going to be exemplifying any degrees this year, but will instead be presenting some Scottish Rite plays that are allowed to be viewed by the public. This will give our spouses, significant others, and family some idea of what we do.  The ladies will even be presenting a play. Anyone interested in taking part, or in heading north of the border with us should contact R.W. Brother Larry Gullett for information.

We are going to be holding a Veterans program on Sunday June 1 at 3:00 pm. This will be a time to honor our Masonic members who have earned awards for their years of membership in our Fraternity.  This will be a joint event with our Sister Lodge, Ancient York Lodge. It will be followed by a prime rib dinner at 5;00 pm. There will be no assessment for the honorees and their family, but for the rest of you the assessment is $10.00. The honorees who are eligible for service awards will be contacted and invited to the event. Reservations with myself or the Secretary.

There are a number Brethren who have not as yet paid their 2014 dues. Some of you even owe for two years. Look in your wallet. If your dues card does not say 2014 on it, then you are not current. If you are unable to meet this obligation let me know. Your Lodge would like to help those of you in need. All you have to do is ask.

I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who have Masonic Birthdays in May. Come to our Stated Communication and allow your Brothers to all wish you a Happy Masonic Birthday !!. 


Stephen K. Bahsler, Master
Cell phone: 603-759-8279
E-Mail to:

Coming Events

Grand Lodge

Friday, May 16th – Sunday, May 18th Annual Meeting in Manchester.

York Rite

Friday, May 9th – Grand Banquet, 6:30pm-9:30pm  in Manchester.

Saturday, May 10th – Grand Annual Meeting, 8:30am-4:00pm in Manchester.

Scottish Rite

Tuesday, May 27th, 7:30pm-10:00pm, Valley of Nashua – Stated Conclaves & Rendezvous.

Rising Sun Lodge

Saturday, May 3rd  – Rubbish removal along route 102 in Hudson. Breakfast at Cookie’s Chuck Wagon at 7:30am, assembling at Alvirne High at 8:30 am.

Tuesday, May 6th  – Presentation of Bicycles at two local schools, This will be done at morning assemblies at the two schools. Anyone is welcome to attend. For further information contact Brother Trachtenberg or the Master.

Wednesday, May 7th  – Officers meeting on the fourth floor of the  Masonic Temple at 7:00. All are welcome. Come and find out how you can serve your Lodge.

Wednesday, May 14th  – Fellow-Craft Degree at 7:00 pm. There will be no dinner, but refreshments will follow.

Wednesday, May 21st  – Stated Communication. Dinner at 6:15 pm, meeting at 7;30 pm.

Sunday, June 1st  – Joint Veterans Program with Ancient York Lodge. This is a semi-public event so bring along your friends and family. The program will begin at 3:00 pm and be followed by a prime rib dinner at 5;00 pm. There will be no assessment for honorees and their families, but for the rest of you it is $10.00. Reservations with the Master or the Secretary.

Ancient York Lodge

Saturday, May 3rd  -5:00pm Veterans & Past Masters Night.

Tuesday, May 13th -6:30pm Stated Communication.

Bektash Shrine

Friday, May 30th -6:00pm-10:30pm Bektash Smoker.


Thursday, May 1st – Nashua and Pledge Rainbow

Saturday, May 3rd – PGWA  Adviser night for Initiation- Penacook – 7pm. Past Grand Officers will put on degrees for several girls.

Saturday, May 10th – Rainbow Grand Officer “Adopt a Slave”  Davids House Fundraiser – Goffstown Temple-4pm

Thursday, May 15th – Nashua and Pledge Rainbow

Eastern Star

Sunday, May 4th  -Grand Conductress organizational meeting – Bristol

Sunday, May 18th  -OES Grand Rep Reception

Friday, May 23rd  -Stated Communication 7:30pm

Saturday, May 24th  -Fisher Cats Baseball game

Masonic Birthdays
for May 2014.
Happy Masonic Birthday
to the following Brethren.

Brother Years
Mark A. Marden 54
Creighton L. MacKinley 52
Archie S. Mobley Jr 50
John J. McCartney 46
Peter M. Shulkin 45
Stephen   Kolesnik 39
Kenneth W. Juttner 36
Robert G. Bianchi 28
Albert R. Anctil 27
John W. Jackson 20
Matthew H. Hoffman 10
Robert P. Cate 8
Eric A. Fischer 8
Gregory R. Hovagim 8
William R. Chaussee 6
Ryan B. Gartley 6
David O. Hunt 6
Christopher L. Richter 6
Jacob B. Weisberg 6
Christopher J. Busby 5
Brian M. Anderson 3
John B. Burns 1
Michael T. Rhodes 1
Alexander J. Woodrow 1

Stephen K Bahsler, W.M.I wish each of the above Brethren a
very happy Masonic Birthday, and
invite them to join us at Lodge this
month, so that I may personally
extend my hand and best wishes.

Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M. Secretary,
(603) 821-5196 a.m.

Girl with books

According to a recent best estimate the Bikes For Books fund has a shortfall of about $900. If you have not yet contributed to this worthy cause NOW IS THE TIME. If you have and can find it in your heart to give a little more NOW IS THE TIME.

Boy on bike
As in years past, the plan is to give out 36 bikes along with helmets, training wheels and locks. But your help is needed NOW.


This new feature, inserted by popular demand, will attempt to list our Lodge’s events for this calendar year beyond the current month so that brethren can plan ahead. In some cases dates and times may only be approximate. For more exact information please refer to the monthly Trestleboard ‘Coming Events column.
Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

Wednesday, June 24 – Stated Communication and Hiatus Family Dinner

Thursday, July 17 to Sunday, July 20 – Nova Scotia Trip.


1. “People reveal far more about themselves when describing other people than they do when describing themselves.”
2. “Many people have lost their way while searching for the truth; and just as many others have found the truth shortly after thinking they had lost their way.”
3. “Women often want men to change, and are disappointed when they stay the same. Men often want women to stay the same, and are disappointed when they change.”
4. “People generally feel the greatest craving for the things they need the least, or the things they don’t need at all.”

Nova Scotia
We will be leaving for John Albro Lodge #122 in Nova Scotia on July 17th and returning on July 20th.On Saturday the 19th we will perform two Scottish Rite public plays. Come join us! Click here for more information!
Need a Ride?
It’s nicer when you’re there. Need a lift to Lodge? Give the Master or Secretary a call. We’ll get you a ride. Call Steve at 603-759-8279 or the temple at 603-821-5196.